Zebra Facts

  • A zebra’s stripes are as individual as human fingerprints – no two zebras are exactly the same.
  • The quagga was a South African zebra that only had stripes on the front part of its body.
  • The home range of Grevy’s zebra, which roams desert and savannah terrains in northeastern Kenya, sometimes exceeds 10,000 sq km.
  • The zebra can be a formidable foe, driving off lions, and even killing humans lo defend its foals.
  • Grevy’s zebra is a large species with narrowly spaced stripes and very large, mule-like ears.
  • A plains zebra herd’s stallion will challenge any potential rival coming within 100 m of his herd.
  • The quagga once existed in very large herds, but became extinct through overhunting in the 1870s.
  • Mountain zebras follow ancient trails to mountain springs and pools in the dry season, and dig for subsurface water in stream beds.
  • Chapman’s zebra has shadow stripes – light, greyish stripes that alternate with the dark main stripes.